11th Smi annual conference and exhibition on Pharmaceutical Logistics 2017 London


Turkish Cargo attended the Smi Pharmaceutical Logistics Conference as a sponsor which took place in the United Kingdom. IATA, GIRP (European Healthcare Distribution Association) and TAPA authorities showed participation to the event held for the 11th time this year along with Pharmaceutical manufacturers, logistics companies, consulting firms and other solution partners in the Air Pharma sector. In the event hosted by the Regional Cargo Management (Central and Southern Europe), Mr. A. Bahadır BUYUKKAYMAZ also made a presentation outlining the gains of IATA CEIV certificate to us and our esteemed customers and illustrated the high-standard and technological infrastructure features of the new Turkish Cargo facility.

During the conference, A. Bahadır BUYUKKAYMAZ Special Cargo Manager and M. Osman BAYRAK Regional Cargo Manager (UK&IE) found the oppurtunity to discuss the importance of integrity and visibility in cold supply chain, develop time and temperature controlled risk strategies, find out more about the latest innovations in technology and their applications in clinical trial logistics, explore new approaches to anti-counterfeiting technology and their impacts on the patient and the sector. The capacity reached by our young fleet and extensive network, as well as the corporate vision of our company for 2023 has been conducted to esteemed participants and strategic contacts aiming to sustain new business oppurtunities has been established.