Air & Sea Cargo Americas Organized In Miami And Brought The Leading Companies Of The Industry Together Was Sponsored By Turkish Cargo


Romanya Hava Kargo Acenteleri Ödül Yemeği Uçak Bileti

Romanya Hava Kargo Acenteleri Ödül Yemeği Uçak Bileti

Romanya Hava Kargo Acenteleri Ödül Yemeği Uçak Bileti

Being organized by Miami World Trade Center, one of the deep-rooted trade institutions in Miami, the Air&Sea Cargo Americas was held at Miami Airport & Convention Center between 4-6 November 2015, and sponsored by Turkish Cargo.

The purpose of the show, main agenda items of which are security, regional consolidation, requirements and expectations of manufacturers and consigners of the rapidly changing industry, increasing productivity, quick and quality service, controlling costs without compromising on the customer satisfaction, etc., is to create a forum for communion in relation to improving international trade and developments in logistics sector generally.

Turkish Cargo, one of the main sponsors of the show, exhibited its custom-made Boeing 777-300ER aircraft at the exhibition bringing leaders of the industry together, and attracted great attention. Our Company had a strong presence in the exhibition with its meeting area where our model aircraft was placed, as well as another booth reserved for Turkish Cargo.

Turkish Cargo increased its brand-recognition in the show which was attended by 250 companies and 7000 visitors in total including transporters, forwarders, cargo media executives, importing & exporting companies, customs agencies, consultants, equipment and technology companies, logistics service providers. We have made contact with many forwarders during the show which has a great importance within this context, and met with many transporters in order to be able to evaluate interline options which are important for accessing the Central&Latin America market. We distributed promotional materials and served the traditional Turkish Coffee that received great appreciation, at our booth which attracted great attention although Miami flights operated by Turkish Airlines have just started on October 25, 2015. 

Being labeled as the cargo transit center of Americas due to its geographical features, and a door opening to Latin America, Caribbean, Asia and Europe, Port Miami contributes nearly USD 30 billion to the region's economy, and employs more than 270,000 people. Certain cargo items transiting from Port Miami are fruit and vegetables, textile products, electronic appliances, construction equipment and materials, automobiles and spare parts thereof.