Brussels Cold Chain Supply Systems and Solutions Event


The 6th of annual Cool Chain Supply Systems and Solutions event was held this year in Brussels. Merchandisers and service providers which are related to cool chain operations like packaging, data loggers and cooling items were present. Turkish Cargo represented the last step of the cool chain transportation as a carrier. Local representatives and visitors which are party of cool chain transportation participated to the sessions during the event where several speakers enlighted specifically the sector, developements and new implementations.

Also Turkish Airlines CCO Mr. Turhan ÖZEN contributed with a speech in which he underlined the importance of Cool Chain Products to Turkish Cargo, which investments were made and the possibilities Turkish Cargo has been offering to our valued customers. During the event held in Belgium, one of the biggest Pharmaceutical producing country in Europe, the food and Pharma manufacturers had a chance to meet the service providers who successfully support them during the process of product transportation, and exchanged information and experiences.

During the event we had another chance to re-introduce our Corporation’s services to the representatives of the top pharmaceutical companies in or region like Bayer, GSK, Pfizer, Johnson Johnson, Anmi, Lilly, GE Healthcare.