Cargo Customer Care System (3CS) Project Kick-Off Ceremony


Kick-off of ‘’Cargo Customer Care System (3CS)’’ project that has been carried out by Cargo Operation Control Management, which will gather all customer feedbacks in one platform in order to make internal and external customer relationship processes more effective and fruitful, will integrate with currently used systems, and will create data analysis and reports, has been held by participation of Turkish Airlines Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Akif Konar, Chief Corporate Development & IT Officer Mr. Ali Serdar Yakut, Turkish Cargo SVP Mr. Şeref Kazancı, managers of Turkish Cargo Directorate and Corporate & Operational Solutions Directorate, and the project team.  

With the new system it is planned to classify customer feedback taken through portal and over telephone according to request/customer priority, follow the requests effectively, and maintain standardization through solution process of requests. Moreover, KPIs will be set in order to increase solution speed and an escalation system that will be able to reach the top managers will be activated. As a result, customers will receive feedbacks faster, and customer satisfaction will increase.