MENA Countries Fruit-Vegetable Merchants Summit in Cooperation with Turkish Cargo


Turkish Cargo'dan İş Ortaklarına Ödül Yağmuru! Uçak Bileti

Turkish Cargo'dan İş Ortaklarına Ödül Yağmuru! Uçak Bileti

The event, which aims to promote Antalya, Isparta, and Burdur’s fruit and vegetable products to MENA market and creating new business connections, was held on May 20th in Antalya Crown Plaza Hotel with participation of Mustafa Yaz (Regional Cargo Director of Middle East), S. Burak Ömeroğlu (Regional Cargo Director of Eastern Europe & Russia), Ebubekir Kuşak (Antalya Cargo Manager), and regional supervisors of Turkish Cargo, and in cooperation with West Mediterranean Development Agency, Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, and West Mediterranean Exporters Association, was held with the summit meeting and B2B meetings.

At the end of the meetings, Antalya Cargo Manager Ebubekir Kuşak’s presentation informed participants from MENA region about our destinations and capacities in Middle East region.

You can reach the news about the summit in Turkish press via the link.

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