Riga Freighter Welcome Cocktail and Agent Workshop


Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We have organized workshop with our customers and business partners to promote our weekly 2 times scheduled freighter to Riga, the capital of Latvia, under the sponsorship of Riga Airport Authority on 20 July 2017, at the VIP lounge of the airport. During the cocktail, mutual communication was achieved and the operation process of the cargo flight -from landing to departure-  was demonstrated to our customers.

In this joint organization event that was held with with Riga Airport, information about Turkish Cargo was given, and also theoretical information shared about the freighter’s operation and sales. During the workshop, expectations of the customers were listened, their questions were answered and our expectations from them were also expressed. Mutual business opportunities, not only for the export market of  Riga but also for the import market for whole Baltic Region, were discussed during one-to-one meetings. The participants attended freighter operation after the presentation session of the programme. They had chance to see the loading process of their shipments and they were informed about freighter and ULD technical specifications.

During the event,  55 customers, which hadn’t had a chance to see cargo aircraft closely before, had the opportunity to see the live cargo operation for the first time, and the participants were also able to experience the planning  and  operational  processes of cargo that they heard before only theoretically.