Turkish Cargo and Turkish Exporters Assembly Came Together


Turkish Cargo met with the exporters association which were bound to Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) in Turkish Cargo Terminal, Istanbul.

The workshop was organized with the participaton of Mr. Rıza Seyyar, Board Member of TIM and Chairman of Aegean Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Exporters Union ; Mr. Latif Unal, Chairman of Istanbul Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Exporters Union; Mrs. Melisa Tokgöz Mutlu, Chairman of Fruit and Vegetable Sectoral Council; Mr. Sinan Kızıltan, Chairman of Aegean Seafood and Animal Product Exporters Union; and also Mr. Turhan Özen, CCO, Turkish Airlines; Mr. Halit Anlatan, VP of Cargo Sales and Marketing; Mr. Serdar Demir, VP of Cargo Operations; and other related managers and representatives.

The workshop was managed by the moderation of our CCO, Mr. Turhan Özen. Organization started with his opening speech. Mr. Özen said: “ We decided to organize a workshop with our noble exporters, when we met in Berlin Fruit Logistica Fair. The workshop will be benefical for us and also our exporters. As Turkish Cargo, our aim is to be able to met the expectations of our exporters as much as possible; planning our capability optimally;  proceeding our preparations at maximum level to that end, and hereby, being capable of answering our exporters’ needs faster at the beginning of the new season.” and concluded his openning speech with these words.

Mr. Rıza Seyyar, Board Member of TIM and Chairman of Aegean Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Exporters Union, mentioned expectations of exporters, which are especially about long haul flights. He said:”Today, we came together for the work that we have started before. Our aim is not only personal or sectoral but getting the answer of; how we can transfer exported goods and products faster to the world metropolises in a day or within a several days time period; how can we make that goods and products more valuable; how can we add value to our national economy. We are here to find these answers. Actually the purpose is common, it is; how much we will contribute as an additional value to our national economy.”

Mr. Halit Anlatan, VP of Cargo Sales and Marketing, gave information about the destinations where Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Sector is growing in air cargo market. In his presentation besides Turkish Cargo’s existing fleet and network,he mentioned the possible locations in the near future which can be important and the estimated  future capacity to be offered with the acquisition of new planes.

The workshop continued with the presentation of special cargo products by Mr. Abdullah Bahadır Büyükkaymaz, Special Cargo Manager of Turkish Cargo. The presentation took great interest. In the presentation, Mr. Büyükkaymaz gave detailed information about the capabilities of Turkish Cargo in perishable products with its certificated personel, and  terminals infrastructure with special storage units and equipments.

After presentations, workshop continued with brainstorming on the exporter associations representatives requests. Possible action areas were discussed. It was mentioned that, preperations will be started to support growing export levels with air cargo transportation. At the end of workshop, it was reported that workshops between Turkish Cargo and exporters associations will continue in coming days.