Turkish Cargo Austria accompanied to celebration of the GW’s 25 th anniversary in Maria Saal


Turkish Cargo accompanied the celebration of Gebrüder Weiss’s (GW) 25. Anniversary in Maria Saal, with a sponsorship. GW is one of the biggest local firms of Austria transport sector.

During the successful event, speakers advised to put their staff at the centre of attention and appreciated their commitment to the company. Words of thanks were addressed to customers, suppliers, friends, and sponsors like Turkish Cargo. The surprise of the day was a lucky draw with a great top prize, which was supplied by Turkish Cargo, 2 round trip flight tickets to JFK. Prizes was presented to lucky attendees by Turkish Cargo’s Austria Cargo Manager Ms. Sibel Keyik.

Our sponsorship promoted the brand image of our company successfully. As Turkish Cargo, we have also intensified a friendly and welcoming relationship with our customers once again.