TURKISH CARGO Improves It’s Service Quality with COMIS


Turkish Cargo, will start to use a new software solution COMIS (Cargo Operations Management and Information System) in a new future, instead of TACTIC system which has been used for process management of cargo operations for about 18 years. With the concerning agreement signed between Turkish Airlines and IBS Software Services PV. Ltd. on February 7, 2013, a new, more dynamic and systematic software is planned to be implemented in accordance with the Turkish Cargo’s future vision and objective to move cargo business forward.

The Product COMIS is an integrated new-generation solution which offers a comprehensive set of solutions that addresses the current and future requirements of air cargo and logistics management – bringing innovation, agility and cost effectiveness to the airline industry. Air cargo movement not only needs to be fast, safe and secure but also reliable and cost effective. COMIS, therefore, offers innovative solutions that respond quickly and effectively to changing customer service demands and market conditions, while keeping operational costs under control. The project key strength lies on its fully integrated, single database, electronic information processing backbone bringing enhanced data integrity and lower information processing costs. The highly modular design allows each sub-system to be provided as a standalone system or together with any other system(s) in the suite. The project will improve business processes, increase reliability and quality of services for customer satisfaction. COMIS are expected to be completed in a next 24 months period.