Turkish Cargo is continuing to move beyond with its new freighter network, Sao Paulo.


Turkish Cargo, a leading brand providing service to 120 countries in the world thanks to the extensive network it offers to its customers, starts its scheduled cargo flights, it has planned for Sao Paulo, one of the largest industrial and trade centers of the South America, on June 25, 2017.

Cargo schedule details for the Sao Paulo (GRU) destination;

Flight No Sector Dep Time Arr Time Weekday

Aircraft Type

6439 IST DKR 04:20 08:55 Pazar


6439 DKR GRU 10:55 14:55 Pazar
6440 GRU DKR 16:55 02:40 Pazar
6440 DKR IST 04:40 14:20 Pazartesi


*The flight schedule may be revised based on the permits.

Brazil, which has accomplished exports amounting to a total of 190 Billion USD during 2016 and which mainly exports to China, also exports products to a great number of European and Middle East countries.  The products exported by Brazil generally consist of machinery, electrical - electronic equipment, chemical products and automotive parts, and some of such products are exported by making use of air cargo and carried by Turkish Airlines fleet at the present.  Also, there is a wide variety of exported goods such as leather, eggs and medicines.  Since it has a wide range of products and market diversity, it constitutes a market with high potential for our Company. With having strong network in Latin America, Turkish Cargo is aiming to serve another destinations within the region.

Detailed information regarding Turkish Cargo and its flight schedules are available on and can be obtained by dialing +90 850 333 0777, the Call Center hotline.