Turkish Cargo is JetFEST Main Sponsor!


Turkish Cargo'dan İş Ortaklarına Ödül Yağmuru! Uçak Bileti

Turkish Cargo'dan İş Ortaklarına Ödül Yağmuru! Uçak Bileti

Turkish Aeronautical Association’s organization JetFEST, to be held in Antalya Karain Airport this year, has been supported by Turkish Cargo’s sponsorship.

Turkish Cargo is the main sponsor of International Jet Powered Model Plane Festival (JetFEST), which will be held for the 5th time this year with Governorship of Antalya and West Mediterranean Development Agency’s support in Antalya - Karain Aviation Training Center.

Sponsorship has been signed in Antalya Governor Muammer Türker’s office with Governor Türker, Turkish Aeronautical AssociationBranch Chairperson Vasıf Yüceliş and Turkish Cargo Antalya Manager Ebubekir Kuşak. As the sponsor, Turkish Cargo will carry the jet powered model planes of all the pilots from abroad free of charge, and will carry them back after the show to their respective countries.

The festival, which is the top amateur-sportive aviation activity in Turkey, will be held on  May 14-15 in Turkish Aeronautical Association Karain-Antalya Aviation Training Center. As it requires a tremendous  amount of technical and infrastructure facilities, these races can take place only in developed countries; hence, in order to watch the show, guests have been signing up already from all over the world.

Festival’s main sponsor Turkish Cargo supports steps taken to make Antalya a focus of interest in terms of civil aviation enterprises by promoting the amateur sportive activities about aviation.

The only factor that separates the jet powered model planes, which have been attending to the International Jet Festival held by Turkish Aeronautical Association for the last4 years, is their size. That is why, before manufacturing real jet planes, various tests are applied on the small prototypes. Many players will be meeting in Antalya from abroad in order to attend the festival, where planes that can reach 300 km/h will race with each other. Apart from model plane shows, amateur aviation activities like wing suit, paragliding, gliders, etc. will be available for 2 days for the aviation  enthusiasts

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