Turkish Cargo Meets the Most Important Agents of India


Turkish Cargo has met with the most important agents of India in GOA. Nearly 55 business partners from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai stations, where Turkish Cargo is online, have participated in the biggest event we have realized in India.

During the event, where participants have had the opportunity to both do business and have a holiday for 3 days, agents that performed successfully in the year 2016 have been presented awards and certificates. The certificate ceremony was opened by the Senior Vice President of Turkish Cargo. Mr. Şeref Kazanci and Director of Asia-Far East Region Mr. Hüseyin Ceyhan’s opening speeches. In his speech, Mr. Kazanci  emphasized the development of Turkish Cargo in the world air cargo market, its network structure, new investments, researches on pharmaceutical shipments and the importance of the Indian market.

The night continued with, the awards ceremony, evening meals and accompanied by music for the attendants to have a good time. Our business partners have had the opportunity to shake stress of work off by playing beach volleyball, archery, and cricket games.

Turkish Cargo's adventure in India started with the first passenger flight to Delhi station in 2003. In 2011, Turkish Cargo added Mumbai station to its flight network. Turkish Cargo has taken its place among the important players of the Indian market by reaching 20 weekly frequencies in total through the cargo service from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai; and passenger flights from Mumbai and Delhi between 2011 and 2016.