Turkish Cargo New Freighter Destinations


Turkish Cargo New Freighter Destinations Flight Ticket

Turkish Cargo strengthens its presence in the World with the launches of new freighter services; Atlanta, New York, Kinshasa, London Stansted, Amsterdam, and Doha.

As a sub-brand of Turkish Airlines, utilizing its flight network and fleet, Turkish Cargo has become one of the fastest growing players in the global air cargo industry. In line with this growth, Turkish Cargo has just inaugurated its new freighter services to Atlanta, New York (U.S.A.), Kinshasa (Congo), London Stansted (U.K.), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Doha (Qatar).

As from the beginning of the Winter Schedule 2015, Turkish Cargo will be providing freighter services to 280 destinations -including 55 freighter destinations- in 110 countries by its 10 freighters and 287 passenger aircrafts.

Turkish Cargo provides the most efficient connections to its customers over the world's leading manufacturing and trading centers. While building up its customer’ business on a global scale, Turkish Cargo services always meet their needs with a high sense of quality in every step.

Atlanta (ATL-A.B.D.): 25.10.2015
Kinshasa (FIH-Kongo): 27.10.2015
Londra (STN- United Kingdom): 29.10.2015
Amsterdam (AMS-Hollanda): 29.10.2015
New York (JFK-A.B.D.): 29.10.2015

You can reach the schedule from here