We Hosted South African GSAs in Izmir and Istanbul


Our South African Business Partners and Local GSAs from Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg were invited to the The FAM Trip Event, which was organized on 20-24 March 2017 in Izmir and Istanbul.

The Fam Trip that we organized for introducing our cargo operations to our business partners and to strengthen cooperation bounds with them, was also contributed to introduction of our cities Izmir and Istanbul. The historical places around Izmir, the city where was accommodated, were mostly liked and guests also had a chance to taste the variety of rich Turkish cuisine and they had mentioned their pleasure during the event. Fam Trip event continued with the visitation of our new cargo terminal in Istanbul with presentation about cargo operations and the new cargo terminal.

During the field trip in New Cargo Terminal, our guests had a chance to see operation in live action. In addition, attendees were comprehensively informed about caring and handling processes of VAL and PER cargos. With humble presents to our esteemed visitors at end of the event, Fam Trip was successfully completed.