World Mail & Express Americas Conference and Exhibition 2017


Dear Executives and Colleagues,

Turkish Cargo had its fair share from World Mail & Express Americas Conference 2017, which was held in Miami. Turkish Cargo showcased at the event, which had been held for 15 years, with its booth and regional directors and managers from Asia-Far East and Americas: Regional Director of Asia-Far East Huseyin Ceyhan, Regional Director of Americas Faik Deniz, Regional Cargo Manager of Miami Bora Iscan, Regional Commerce Manager of Asia-Far East Muhittin Ozturk.

Mail & Express is a niche sector, which has been growing steadily during the last few years. Hence, the event, during which Turkish Cargo - which is the only air cargo company in the event - boot had gathered an enormous amount of attention due to its experience and superior solutions in especially mail & express shipments, had gathered all the serious players of the industry, a total of more than 200 delegates from more than 30 countries.

The event was opened with a welcome reception with participation of all the attendees who were enchanted with the lovely city from the day one. It continued with conferences about specific countries in the Americas, which put great emphasis on mail & express industry. The problem of disruption, the future of e-commerce, and the cutting-edge technology like drones had been the hot topics of the conferences. On the other hand, the networking sessions had been utterly fruitful, as all the great players of the mail & express industry with whom we have been and will be making business were met.

During the fair, we were in contact with more than 100 participants about which is a strategic issue. More than 40 bilateral talks were held on new cooperation opportunities with official postal operators, mail and express companies, service providers, and regulatory authorities in Americas. Furthermore, while evaluating the global mail operations with the global postal service companies and official postal operators in the industry, our Company has been informed about the new opportunities that Turkish Cargo can offer.

The Asia-Far East and Americas team had a successful trip in terms of networking with the participants, participating in the activities, and catching up with the industry and the direction it is growing. The event was a success also in terms of the interviews with the participants, attended speeches, and assessments about the sector with the lead players of mail and express business, with whom we had a stronger relationship at the end.