Dial Cargo

Alo Kargo Uçak Bileti

0 850 333 0 777

The Dial Cargo system enables you to obtain all kinds of information regarding the shipment being sent or received, by using the keys on your telephone set. Also you can check your cargo with the awb number at any time.

How To Use Dial Cargo

Every shipment can be tracked at any time and at all points of its journey by means of its airway bill number.

For outbound cargo, dial (1) in the main menu of Dial Cargo, then enter the 11-digit airway bill reference number. By dialing the indicated numbers of the menu, you can learn the day and the flight for which your cargo was reserved, the day and the flight it was shipped, whether or not it was delivered to the consignee, and the day it was shipped in transit, if any. You can also prolong the relevant option by entering the 4-digit agent identity number.

For inbound cargo, dial (2) in the main menu of Dial Cargo, then enter the airway bill reference number. This way, you can find out the day and the flight on which your cargo arrived, the amount of the freight and the warehouse fee, the name of the consignee, and the name of the correspondent bank. Furthermore, choice no. (3) provides brief information about TURKISH CARGO aircraft and flights, while choice no. (4) indicates working days and hours of the Cargo Department.

Thanks to the Dial Cargo Service you will benefit from fast and reliable status information throughout the world - 24 hours a day - and will be able to track each shipment within the logistics chain.