5 endangered white rhinos carried from Johannesburg to Shanghai by Turkish Cargo.


Providing a contribution to preservation of natural balance besides global trade with its live animal carrying operations performed to 122 countries worldwide, Turkish Cargo carried 5 white rhinos, which were born under the supervision of the specialist teams, to Shanghai from Johannesburg via Istanbul.

5 white rhinos, each weighing 1 ton and growing under supervision until they reach the age of 3 due to their endangered nature, arrived at their new homes smoothly.  While the species of white rhinos was once the most common species, they are now endangered due to illegal hunting for their horns.

Performing live animal carrying operations only between the qualified zoos, private institutions or acknowledged preservation and rehabilitation centers in order to prevent animal trafficking, Turkish Cargo carried these 5 white rhinos to Shanghai as accompanied by the specialist teams and keepers. Through this operation performed to Shanghai by Turkish Cargo, it is aimed to enhance the awareness level of the Chinese people on the effect of illegal hunting on natural life balance, and the endangered species of white rhino.

For the purpose of performance of the live animal transportation service, it offers to its customers, Turkish Cargo carries out its such operations as based on the IATA LAR during the course of its acceptance, storage and shipment processes, and it meticulously implements the documentation, encaging, labeling and marking guidelines as described under the said regulations.