Our Rise Continues Full Speed Ahead!


According to WorldACD, a global air cargo transportation data service provider, Turkish Cargo, which reaches 307 destinations in 122 countries with its cargo carrying capacity of Turkish Airlines, the world's most frequent airline, carries out direct cargo flights to 85 destinations with its cargo flight fleet. While China's air cargo market shrank during May, it grew by 10.7%, continuing our ascent!

Turkish Cargo targeting to grow even further in the Chinese market, has signed a great partnership agreement with the Chinese express cargo group ZTO and Hong Kong PAL Air to focus on the global e-commerce market and serve as Global Cargo / Courier company with door-to-door service.

Preopening of the Istanbul New Airport, this agreement will move the stones in the "global express transportation" sector; not only in Turkey but also aroused great repercussions in the world.

Turkish Cargo is one of the fastest growing air cargo brands in the world with its new destinations added to its flight network, providing sustainable growth with its existing infrastructure and investments. The successful air cargo brand continues to further upgrade by combining wide range of services and operatinal capabilities of Turkey's unique geographical advantages.