Turkish Cargo keeps providing substantial contributions with its logistics services exclusive to national automotive industry. Acting in line with its vision of becoming the essential logistics provider of the Turkish automotive industry as a global carrier, Turkish Cargo held a critical meeting with the Automotive Manufacturers Association (AMA) to lead the industry in logistics field. During the meeting, a presentation was delivered to discuss the unmanned aerial and land vehicles, automation of robotic processes and new technology trends in air cargo, besides the fleet structure, flight network and capacity of Turkish Cargo, as well as its cargo facility to be built on a total area of 300 thousand square meters at Istanbul Airport. Additionally; the operations field and facilities were also visited at Ataturk and Istanbul Airports.

Delivering a statement in this organization attended by the logistics managers of the members, which are all global automotive players, of the AMA, as well as the representatives of the AMA, Mr. Turhan Ozen, Chief Cargo Officer at Turkish Airlines, said: "We're highly glad to host the officials of the Automotive Manufacturers Association. As, as Turkish Cargo, always support the Turkish economy and automotive industry, and improve the quality of our exclusive logistics service with delivery options in less than 24 hours. We are also turning the geographical location of Istanbul, which is at a flight distance of seven hours on average basis from more than 60 capitals, into an advantage thanks to our extensive flight network."

Mr. Savas Oztorun, the Chairman of the Logistics Committee of the AMA, said: "The Automotive Manufacturers Association develops policies to increase the national and international competition in line with the needs of the automotive industry in Turkey, and acts in line with its mission of providing information accordingly. Organization of meetings with substantial stakeholders like Turkish Cargo in order to resolve the logistics needs and problems of our members is highly valuable for us, as the association. We would be so happy to maintain and increase our contacts in the upcoming period for development of our industry."

Providing the best transportation connections to the global production and trade centers, Turkish Cargo keeps developing its attractive opportunities, offered in line with high-quality service concept, to meet the needs of its clients in the best manner, and develops special and practical solutions for ever-increasing logistics demands to develop the regional trade while keeping to provide support for exporting companies.