Funeral Transportation

Funeral Transportation Flight Ticket

Turkish Cargo Body Acceptance Procedures:

For international flights, human remains transported inside a coffin must be enclosed in a sackcloth/canvas winding sheet and zinc or lead coffin or solid wooden coffin must be used. For domestic flights, human remains must be transported inside an impermeable solid wooden coffin, with secured cover and without any cracks or breaks. If the human remains are transported as ashes, a wooden box or case, with shock-absorbing package and cracking-resistant special cover, is accepted.

Human remains are not accepted within a consolidated cargo.

General Information on Procedures - Documentation:
  • For domestic body transportation, the reservation must be approved from departure to arrival.
  • The airway bill should state that the freight charge was paid in advance.
  • For funeral transportation from abroad to Turkey, a consular certificate and a death certificate are required. There must be a Turkish translated copy of all certificates and these certificates must be shipped together with the coffin.

IATA rules apply for procedure, documentation, packaging, and labeling and they must be examined.