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Live Animal Flight Ticket

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Live Animal Flight Ticket

Turkish Cargo staffs are qualified with IATA rules and expert for the carriage of live animals. Besides, they have current information about foreign countries restriction rules and law enforcements.

Turkish Cargo gives incentive cares to animals and provide suitable environment for them.

Whatever your pet is! From horse to poultry, from cat to lion. Turkish Cargo gives perfect cares to it, and approaches to your pet as a professional and expert to secure and safe transportation from origin to destination.

For detailed information on the domestic transportation of live animals, please contact the following e-mail address: SERVICESTANDARDSC@THY.COM.

Live Animal Flight Ticket

Two adult animals accustomed to living together, each weighing up 14 kg and of comparable size, can be transported in a single cage/container. Animals weighing over 14 kg should be transported in separate cages/containers.

Three animals from the same delivery, of ages up to six months, can be transported in the same container/compartment.

Sedated or otherwise medicated animals pose a significant risk because their reactions to stress caused by transportation may be unpredictable. They may also need a veterinarian’s supervision for an emergency response. As the medications for sedating these animals, or anesthetic dart weapons, are forbidden in the aircraft, these animals are not accepted.

Transportation Rules, Necessary Documents, Packaging/Labeling Instructions, by Country:

Live Animal Flight Ticket

National rules in effect are available in the Air Cargo Tariff Manual RULES, Import/Transit/Export Regulations sections.

Information on containers/cages for the transportation of live animals is available in the Live Animals Regulations, Container Requirements section.

Special Cases:
Your special requests will be considered separately for cargo flights.

To accept and transport live animals, Turkish Airlines Inc. will responsible and obey IATA LAR manual. In these circumstances we accept only packaging, labeling, and marking as mentioned in manual.

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