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Perishable Goods Flight Ticket

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Perishable Goods Flight Ticket

Perishable cargoes are the cargoes which will perish due to altitude, heat, moisture, climate or other environmental conditions or lapse of given time period. Turkish Cargo’s cold chain logistics are prepared specifically in order to protect the contents and prevent them from deterioration.

Perishable cargoes vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and flower products are stored safely in storage units which suited for the type of cargo and are stored under the temperature range requested by the sender.

All Turkish Cargo staff that are involved in the transporting of cargoes, participate in international and in-house training and certification programs. These trainings are carried out in accordance with the regulations established by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and standards specified in the IATA PCR. In addition to these trainings provided by related companies, we also provide refresher trainings.

Perishable Cargoes:

  • Human foodstuffs,
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Fresh/frozen meat
  • Fresh/frozen fish
  • Eggs for human consumption
  • Flowers
  • Plants, etc.


Perishable Goods Flight Ticket

“Perishable" Label,

“This Way Up" Label, if cargo requires a specific storage orientation for cargo requiring a specific temperature, their box(es) must have the temperature information, which must comply with AWB.

* Keep Cool - Refrigerated = stored at 2° to 8° C
* Keep Cold - Frozen = stored at -15° to -20° C

Packages without these labels are stored at ambient temperature, according to the IATA standards.

Information on the Istanbul Atatürk Airport cold room:

The Istanbul Atatürk Airport has 9 cold rooms of +2°/+8° C, 9 cool rooms of +15°C/25° C, 7 cold rooms of 0°C/+4°C and 4 rooms for freezers -15°/- 20° C.
Information on cold rooms at the other flight stations:

Information on cold room and storage conditions may vary at different flight points. For detailed information, please contact Turkish Cargo via email: SERVICESTANDARDSC@THY.COM

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