Pharmaceuticals Flight Ticket


Turkish Cargo transports cargo to over 220 cities worldwide and offers transportation by truck to over 1000 destinations. Additionally, thanks to over 70 S.P.A. (Special Prorate Agreements), we have over 150 Interline connections around the world. We transport your pharmaceutical cargo where and when it needs to go, at the ideal temperature range.


Pharmaceutical goods are easily subject to decay, deterioration or decomposition over a period of time, or if expose to adverse temperature, humidity and other enviromental conditions. These include medicine, raw material of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, sera, plasma, other biotechnological and medical materials.


“Time & Temperature Sensitive” Label (Temperature range must be written on the label)
“This Way Up" Label, if cargo requires a specific storage orientation
Packages without these labels are stored at ambient temperature, according to the IATA standards.

Pharma Product Specification

  • Cool(+15°C/+25°C), cold (0°C/+4°C), cold (+2°C/+8°C) , frozen (-15°C/-20°C) temperature controlled storage rooms available*
  • Warehouses are equipped with automated temperature control systems
  • Prioritize acceptance gate for your pharmaceutical shipments
  • Thermal Blankets option available**
  • Temperature controlled transit trucking service for pharmaceuticals
  • Prioritized loading & un-loading
  • Highly trained staff
  • Protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions
  • Easy and faster online booking availability
  • Proactive communication
  • Can be combined with TKPlus for expedited service
  • "In-Transit service" for shipments containing dry ice or other related systems
  • Active temperature controlled container possible***

Special Conditions

*Subject to station capability and availability local infrustructure limitation

**This service is given by extra fee. Subject to availability on stocks.

***Subject to station capability and availability local infrustructure limitation. This service is given by extra fee.

Information on the Istanbul Atatürk Airport cold room:

The Istanbul Atatürk Airport has 9 cold rooms of +2°/C +8° C, 9 cool rooms of +15°C/ +25°C, 7 cold rooms of 0°C/+4°C and 4 rooms for freezers -15°C/- 20°C.

Information on cold rooms at the other flight points:

Information on cold room and storage conditions may vary at different flight points. For detailed information, please contact Turkish Cargo via email:


In the pharmaceuticals and similar products market growing year by year, Turkish Cargo does not only try to enlarge its market share but also acts as aware of the importance of human health and by considering the producers' concerns, and adopts this approach in all processes of such shipments, which take place within Turkish Airlines. All personnel are made aware of the severity and importance of the problems possible to occur in such transports. In the transportation process of the consignments that are extremely important for health and extremely temperature- and time-critical, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biotechnological products, diagnostic samples, precision healthcare devices, organs, tissues, etc., Turkish Cargo acts extremely cautiously to preserve the integrity of the cold chain and the products, and gives the utmost priority to this issue. Performing its operations as per the IATA CEIV Pharma certificate that covers the requirements of the international GDP guides (EU and WHO), IATA PCR (Perishable Cargo Regulations) Section 17 and TCR (Temperature Control Regulations), and targeting excellence in air cargo transportation and cargo handling services, Turkish Cargo has been entitled to IATA CEIV Pharma certificates for Istanbul Hub.

Our experts are ready to listen to you. Please contact us for any questions or concerns you might have regarding our unbroken cold chain service.

For more information, email us at or call us from +90 212 463 64 64.