At the appropriate temperature, as fresh as ever

We carry the consignments of flowers, vegetables and fruits, fresh/frozen meat and fish, eggs, chocolates, dairy products and any and all such other perishable goods as fresh as the day they were produced, by enjoying our experience of 30 years in perishable cargo shipments. We carry out our operations at the Turkish Cargo facilities, equipped with high technology, in accordance with the IATA PCR (Perishable Cargo Regulations).

Shipment to More than 300 Destinations

Capability to Store between -20ᴼC and +25 ᴼC

Privileged Apron Transfer

Special Acceptance Gate

Qualified Personnel with IATA PCR Certificate

Easy and Quick Reservation

Disposable Thermal Blanket

Active Temperature-Controlled Container Service

The goods, which would become deprived of their nature due to elevation, heat, humidity, climate or any change in environmental conditions, or lapse of a given time interval, are called perishable cargo.  In order to preserve the content of the cargo and preventing its spoilage, perishable cargo shipment processes are conducted dedicatedly within the organization of Turkish Cargo.  Any and all kinds of perishable goods are transported according to specified requirements.  It is ensured that the freshness of the vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and flower products is preserved within our dedicated storage rooms.  Sensitive frozen cargoes such as sea food or processed food are preserved elaborately within the warehouses of Turkish Cargo, equipped with deep freezers.  Temperature-humidity monitoring and reporting are performed by means of the telemetry system.

​The audio and visual alarm system become activated in case of any deviation with respect to the temperature set. Furthermore, pest control and hygiene procedures are carried out painstakingly.

Regular trainings are held for Turkish Cargo’s authorized staff members by taking into account the standards as determined by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and as specified under the IATA PCR.

Regular trainings are held for the authorized staff members by taking into account the standards as determined by civil aviation authorities and as specified under the IATA PCR.

Active and Passive Solutions

Active Solutions                                                                                                              

  • Active Temperature-Controlled Container

Any cargo with high temperature sensitivity is preserved at the conditions and capacities as requested by our customers, even during long-haul flights, thanks to our agreements with international container suppliers Envirotainer and CSafe. Any temperature change that might be experienced throughout the course of the process can be reported to our customers by means of the data recording feature.

  • Thermal Dolly

Thermal Dolly refers to the active temperature-controlled dollies which are used for the transfers of temperature-sensitive cargo from the temperature-controlled warehouse to the ramp or vice versa. Thermal Dolly is also used for the temporary storage of temperature-sensitive cargo during shipments with short connection periods (between 1-4 hours).

Passive Solutions

  • Disposable Thermal Blanket

Disposable thermal blanket refers to the blanket used for maintaining the temperatures of temperature-sensitive perishable cargo, which are required to be transported at a temperature-controlled environment, preserving such supplies and cargo against the external environment. If and when so requested by the respective shipper, it will be ensured that the temperature-sensitive cargo is received by means of the thermal blankets at the station of departure or at the intermediate points.

Our services provided by means of carriage by temperature-controlled trucks, active cooler containers and thermal dollies for your connection shipments with thermal blankets are subject to extra charge.