Your health is our most valuable freight.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, CEIV quality certified facilities and team, we transport your pharmaceutical shipments as being aware of the responsibility we assume. We handle human life by transporting your medication shipments meticulously within the time and temperature range, as required, to the destinations they are intended. We carry health all around the world.

Shipment to More than 300 Destinations

IATA CEIV Pharma Certification

Disposable Thermal Cover

Capability to Store between -20ᴼC and +25 ᴼC

Special Acceptance Gate

Easy and Quick Reservation

Qualified Personnel Trained in IATA

Privileged Apron Transfer

Active Temperature-Controlled Container

Envirotainer QEP Accreditation

Thermal Dolly

The shipments, which are transported as part of the pharmaceutical products, are accepted by dedicated staff members from their dedicated gates at the time of acceptance since they require preservation, transportation and handling at specific temperature ranges. Pharmacetuticals are privileged with respect to the ramp services that are performed during the course of loading the cargo on board the aircraft and unloading the same. Such products are ensured to be preserved successfully thanks to the special warehouses, covering an area of 3.500 square meters at four different temperature range, available in Istanbul cargo terminal with high technological standards.

The requests for containers, received from our customers, are checked and assessed by the professionalized team of Turkish Cargo. The installation/configuration and temperature settings of such containers are performed within certain time intervals, and the battery-charging changes are also performed by the specialized teams. 

Active and Passive Solutions

Active Solutions                                                                                                              

  • Active Temperature-Controlled Container

Any cargo, which includes pharmaceutical products with high sensitivity to temperature, such as the vaccines, insulin and anti-cancer drugs is preserved at the conditions and capacities as requested by our customers, even during the long-haul flights, thanks to the agreements with Envirotainer and CSafe, the international container suppliers. Any temperature change that might be experienced throughout the course of the process can be reported to our customers by means of the data recording feature.

  • Thermal Dolly

Thermal Dolly refers to the active temperature-controlled equipments which are used for the transfers of the temperature-sensitive cargo from the temperature-controlled rooms in the warehouse to the ramp or vice versa. Thermal Dolly is also used for the temporary storage of the temperature-sensitive cargo during the shipments with short connection periods (between 1-4 hours).

Passive Solutions

  • Disposable Thermal Cover

The thermal-featured blanket that is used for heat isolation of the temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, which are required to be transported at a certain temperature-controlled environment, and for protecting such products against the external environment. If and when so requested by the respective shipper, it will be ensured that the temperature-sensitive cargo is received by means of the thermal blankets at the station of departure or at the intermediate points.

The services provided by means of carriage by temperature-controlled trucks, active cooler containers and thermal dollies for connection shipments with thermal blankets are subject to additional charge.