As based on the experience it has gained through the operations it has been performing over the years, Turkish Cargo successfully transports the vulnerable consignments. We monitor any movement of your vulnerable cargo during the course of performance of the operational processes, as well as the storage facilities and the surroundings thereof by making use of cameras.

Vulnerable Cargo Storage Area

Professional Consultation

Dedicated Acceptance Gate

Qualified Personnel Trained in IATA

Easy and Quick Reservation

Valuable Cargo Containers

Containers With Hanger

We offer ideal transportation solutions for any and all kinds of vulnerable articles such as the mobile phones, vulnerable medical devices, electronic and optical instruments, works of art and the artworks to be exhibited.  In addition to the simplified procedure, we monitor the vulnerable cargo by means of the surveillance cameras on 24/7 basis.   

Transportation as accompanied by a security guard is a service that is subject to an additional charge.