Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, IATA CEIV certified HUB and specialized team, we carry Covid-19 vaccines under the assurance of TK Pharma, being aware of the our responsibility. We have redesigned our TK Pharma product and developed premium solutions for the COVID-19 vaccine transportation. We touch human life by carrying COVID-19 vaccines within the required time and temperature range at the highest quality standards to the destinations they are intended. We have the necessary infrastructure to carry all kinds of Covid-19 vaccines, and we carry health all around the world.

Shipment to More than 300 Destinations

Storage Capability between -20°C - +25°C

SOP for COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation

Risk Assessment on COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation

High Loading Priority and TK PLUS Combination

COV Special Handling Code

Active Temperature-Controlled Containers and Passive Solutions

COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation Taskforce

CEIV Pharma Certificate and GDP-Compliant Operation

Additional Storage Rooms

TK Pharma Corridor In More Than 400 Stations

GROUP A TAPA FSR Certificate

24/7 Control Tower 

Easy and Quick Reservation

QEP Certification

Sanitary measures taken at our facilities and aircrafts

A number of sanitary measures have been taken against coronavirus by following the national and international guidelines and recommendations of Health Institutions in coordination with the Ministry of Health, Civil Aviation Authorities and WHO. Detailed and comprehensive sanitary procedures have been established. The procedures include all the cleaning measures against COVID-19, from aircraft interior cleaning to the cleaning of cargo compartment, warehouse cleaning to office cleaning and in-vehicle cleaning to staff hygiene. In addition, mandatory online trainings on measures have been assigned for all the staff members. Fresh air supply is provided 24/7 in all the facilities.

Operational privileges

We, as the air cargo brand that flies to the more countries than any other airline, make regular risk assessments and hold meetings with pharmaceutical companies, container suppliers, logistics companies and our business partners.

Dry ice limits on aircraft have been increased in accordance with Boeing and Airbus manuels in order to contribute to the cold chain. Click to view ‘TK Station Capability Matrix’ for product qualifications at our stations.

COVID-19 vaccine shipments are transported delicately by TK Pharma Care Team and through a number of industrial solutions, such as thermal dolly, privileged apron transfer and audio and visual alarm system in storage rooms in the hub.

Flown as booked guarantee is offered with TK Plus combination. Customized solutions (for example: charter/part charter solutions with freighters and passenger aircraft) are offered for shipments of large volumes. Transportation services by refrigerated trucks are offered all over the world.

* It may vary depending on the aircraft limit, station capacity, cargo destination and also the current priority cargo capacity on board. 

** We, as Turkish Airlines, offer you the opportunity to include your own tracking device in your shipments from approved manufacturers to allow you to get detailed, real-time information during the transportation of your cargo. Click to view updated approved device list.

For detailed information, please view the TK Pharma product.