About Turkish Cargo

We Are Globalizing Your Business

Offering service to 124 countries and being the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world, Turkish Cargo has been carrying out the air cargo transportation operations of Turkish Airlines, the "rising star" of Turkey, since 1933.

The accomplished air cargo carrier, which evolved into a brand under the title of "Turkish Cargo" in 2000, carried a total of 1.4 million tons cargo in 2018, ranking among the top 10 international air cargo carriers based on the data obtained by WACD (World Air Cargo Data).

Operating with the fleet of Turkish Airlines, our flag-carrier main brand, including 336 aircraft (passenger aircraft and freighters), Turkish Cargo provides air cargo service to more than 300 destinations including 86 direct cargo destinations.

Acting with the aim of making Istanbul, the intersection point of the air cargo traffic, the logistics center of the world, the triumphant air cargo brand plans to operate direct flights to 150 destinations by 2023.

While Turkey is getting ready to become a new reference point for the world upon opening of the Mega Hub Istanbul Airport, Turkish Cargo will have a facility with a closed area of 165.000 square meters and an annual capacity to sort out 4 million tons of cargo.

While ensuring a sustainable growth and being still preferred in air cargo transportation thanks to its infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet and highly-competent personnel, Turkish Cargo aims to be one of the top five global air cargo brands in line with the vision set for 2023, marking the centennial of foundation of the Republic of Turkey.