SPA (Özel Ücret Anlaşması)


Turkish Cargo transports cargo to more than 290 destinations and more than 116 countries by using Turkish Airlines passenger aircraft bellhold cargo capacity. Additionally,  provide scheduled cargo flights to many destinations with freighters.

Also, Turkish Cargo uses  Interline/SPA agreements in cooperation with other airlines to expand its network to provide more routing options to business partners. Currently, Turkish Cargo have SPA (Special Prorate Agreement) with over 80 airlines. These agreements open up new markets for the two airline's customers.

Turkish Cargo have SPA agreements for offline destinations such as Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) , New Zeland (Auckland), capital cities in Latin America and Africa.

Turkish Cargo can also accept cargo for many destinations in Far East via Interline agreements.

The interline agreements work on new destinations where TK have no flights, to meet customer demand. By providing this kind of solutions Turkish Cargo is going to make more contribution to the international logistic solutions.