Introducing the standards of not the present, but the future, and showing continuous development, Turkish Cargo moves beyond the expectations at the ever-changing world with its new brand strategy, "Raise the Bar", and calls all its stakeholders to this development.

Establishing strong long-term relationships with its customers in order to grow together with them, Turkish Cargo defines itself as ‘’Reliable and Agile business partner’’, and raises the bar of services by offering unlimited opportunities. Raising the bar of success in a sustainable manner by means of the expeditious and truthful business processes, the air cargo brand follows a participatory working method by acting with ‘’Team spirit’’ and offering its business partners and customers reliable, high-quality and effective solutions at all times.

‘’Bridging the continents’’ with its extensive flight network, Turkish Cargo offers the most efficient transit connection solutions.

Accessing more than 300 destinations in 127 countries across the world, the successful brand conducts its business processes by its expert teams at a global hub like Istanbul, one of the most pivotal junction points around the world.

The successful brand continues its journey to the future with SmartIST, which is one of the largest and cutting edge air cargo facilities in the world.

Turkish Cargo will have the capacity to handle 4 million tons of cargo on yearly basis by making use of the state-of-the-art technology at the business processes it will carry out at SmartIST, the digitally equipped facility being constructed at the Istanbul Airport. Thanks to the technologies it will possess such as AR, Drone, Robotic Automation and Optimization, SmartIST will provide its customers a cargo service that will be faster, more secure and more productive.

Situated at a unique location with a flight distance of 7 hours to more than 60 capital cities across the world, the successful brand continues to offer its customers the most efficient transit connection solutions and air cargo services that meet all the needs, and aims to become one of the world's top 5 air cargo carriers in 2023.