Based upon our 30 years of experience in live animal shipments, we are hosting our dearest friends in a healthy and peaceful environment as per the CITES and IATA regulations. By paying regard to comfort and making use of the special ancillary equipment during the course of all of our shipments, we transport our closest friends affectionately to their destinations.

Shipment to More than 300 Destinations

Dedicated Acceptance Gate

Quick and Easy Reservation

Live Animal Room

Veterinary Service

Professional Consultation

Feeding and Care

Transportation of Horses in Stalls

Smooth and Effective Handling Processes

Qualified Personnel with IATA LAR Certificate

Apron Transfers via Dolly

Privileged Apron Transfer

Prioritized Loading and Un-loading

Turkish Cargo pays utmost care and attention to ensure the most appropriate conditions for the animals being transported.  It ensures that live animals are transported with attention and specialized approach to their destinations in a safe and secure manner.  Our dedicated staff members, who are IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations) certificated, are fully equipped in terms of live animals transportation. Besides, they are familiar with continuously updated knowledge in respect to the statutory sanctions applied by the countries where they serve.

Live animals are hosted within the live animal accommodation and care rooms which embody the shelters equipped with the remote-controlled temperature and humidity monitoring system.  Live animals are fed in accordance with the instructions of the shipper and as requested by the attendants during their accommodation.

The documentation, packaging, labeling and marking guidelines as specified under the IATA LAR are applied. Other requests of shippers during the course of the transportation are considered separately.  Capacity-guaranteed transportation opportunity is offered with TK PLUS combination for the live animals.