Valuables Flight Ticket

Turkish Cargo Valuable Cargo Acceptance Procedures

Valuables Flight Ticket


Cargo with a value of $1,000 or higher  (or its equivalent in any other currency) per gross kilogram, which contain one or more of the following items, are considered valuable cargo. Turkish Airlines does not accept any valuable cargo with a declared value.
  • Gold bars or bullion (processed or unprocessed); gold coins; gold and its derivatives in granule, leaf, sheet, powder, spongy state, bar, tube, and loop.
  • Bulk platinum and platinum metals (palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium, and rhodium) and platinum alloys in granule; platinum and its derivatives in spongy state, sheet, leaf, bar, bullion, and tube (except radioactive isotopes of the metals requiring dangerous goods labeling),
  • Diamonds (including those used for industrial purposes), rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, pearls (including cultivated pearls) and jewelry containing these precious stones,
  • Valuables Flight Ticket
  • Silver and/or gold and/or platinum jewelry and watches,
  • Gold and/or platinum items (except gold- and/or platinum-plated),
  • Effective banknotes, travel checks, securities, bonds, and their coupons and stamps,
  • Ready-to-use bank and credit cards.

    In addition, the following items are also considered cargo requiring security and treated as valuable cargo under the title of “VULNERABLE” cargos.

  • Cargos whose value is not declared but which require security measures during handling procedures,
  • Blank airline documents, such as MCOs, airway bills, tickets, which are sent to airline station offices or general sales agencies,
  • Diplomatic bags, provided that they have been declared as valuable.

General Information on Documentation, Procedures, and Packaging:

Valuables Flight Ticket
There must be a confirmed reservation for all international airway bills. In all  flights, before and after acceptance, all special security arrangements must be completed and all the procedures for cargo of this type must be completed within office hours, unless a special arrangement has been made with Turkish Airlines.

Valuable cargo must be packaged in non-transparent bags of thick cloth or similar material or hard plastic or aluminum metal. The packages must be locked and sealed, tear- and shockproof, designed in such a way that the contents do not fall out. Most importantly, they must not have any mark, sign or label indicating that they contain valuable cargo.

Related information to be used is available in the Air Cargo Tariff Manual RULES, Class Rates/Valuable Cargo - Import/Transit/Export Regulations sections.

Valuables Flight Ticket
Information on the Istanbul Atatürk Airport Valuable Cargo Room:
Total 153 m² 3 rooms for valuables in the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Your valuable cargo is escorted by private security officer to the valuable cargo room where they are stored under surveillance.

Information on Valuable Cargo Storage at Flight Points:
Information on valuable cargo acceptance and storage may vary at different flight points. For detailed information, please contact the following e-mail address: