Priority to your cargo, privilege to you.

TK PLUS enables guaranteed-acceptance of your urgent cargo on board Turkish Cargo’s first available flight and a quick delivery to the intended destination by means of swift handling processes.

TK PLUS booking enables the fastest shipment by considering the cargo as privileged, providing transportation to the cargo’s destination as soon as possible. TK PLUS also allows for privileged processing during the course of performance of all processes from the booking stage, cargo acceptance, loading procedures, cargo tracking to the delivery stage.

Special Acceptance Gate

Privilege in All Processes

Privileged Loading and Unloading

Last Acceptance Time (LAT)

Professional Consultation

Performance Guarantee

Quick and Easy Reservation

Capacity Guarantee

Quick Ramp Transfer (QRT)

Advantages offered by TK PLUS:

  • Privileged acceptance
  • Easy and quick booking opportunity through the Internet
  • TK PLUS storage area
  • Simplified procedures
  • 24/7 serving call center for tracking your consignments and inquiries
  • Capacity guarantee*
  • Transportation without any weight limit*
  • Privileged delivery*
  • Performance guarantee*

*It may vary as depending on the aircraft limit, station capabilities, destination of the cargo and also priority cargo capacity available on board the aircraft.